Unpacking How Our Beliefs Limit Our Freedom

In this episode, Michael focuses on our beliefs: How our beliefs are created, what root beliefs are, the connection with fight, flight, & cravings.

Resetting Authenticity and Commitment to Freedom

In this episode, Michael opens up about feelings of inauthenticity, lack of freedom, and addictions. This has arisen from becoming aware of the self-centred tendency to present only the positive side of the story, that is so prevalent on social media. Michael explores a genuine desire to live authentically, and the relationship between truth and freedom.

Katherine Woodward Thomas - Personal Growth and Conscious Loving

In this episode, Michael interviews Katherine Woodward Thomas on personal growth and conscious living. Katherine is a psychotherapist, teacher, coach and mentor to many. She is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, which was nominated for a Books for a Better Life Award, and the national bestseller, Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. In the interview, Michael and Katherine talk about how to close the gap between how we are living and what our potential can be, how we can experience conscious love and experience personal growth.

Patricia's Story From Rock Bottom to Empowerment

In this episode, Michael chats with Patricia Love, author of the book Seen and (un) Heard about the rollercoaster experience that accompanies addictions. Patricia opens up about her experiences, the highs and lows and how she made radical changes in her life and how being honest with herself was an important part of her transformation. In Seen and (un)Heard Patricia explores how you can rewrite your own story and change is possible.

Exploring Emotions & Freedom

In this episode, Michael talks with Patrick Murphy. Patrick is an avid Addiction To Freedom listener, philosopher, and student of life. Michael and Patrick discuss a range of fascinating topics, for example, emotions and what they are, who is experiencing and observing those emotions, who we are, and what we are? They also explore different aspects of life and freedom. What freedom really means and how being in flow can change everything.

Identity Beyond The Personality

In this episode, Michael has an interesting conversation about identity and how one size does not fit all with Moe Ari a therapist and mindset coach. This in-depth conversation covers different levels of identity and finding wholeness by just being. We also learn about how Moe flipped his life around by choosing authenticity over belonging to find his own true identity.

Alistair Moes shares his profound journey of emotional healing and transformation

Welcome back to another episode of Addiction to Freedom. This episode is an interesting conversation with someone called Alistair Moes also known as the Angerman. Alistair is an International Anger Management Expert and Author, who has been working with people worldwide, and professionally since 1989 and as an anger management specialist in private practice since 1995. Alistair has worked with those with enormous challenges in the world: high-performance business leaders, gold medal-winning Olympic and professional athletes, and people close to being homeless. In this episode, we talked a lot about the importance of anger and noticing what’s going on in the body, as the intelligence of the body is a rich source of feedback. We can use this feedback in relationships as an understanding of when things are appropriate or when boundaries have been overstepped. I think you will find this episode insightful and gain a better understanding of the importance of acknowledging anger and how it can lead to great insights.

Buddhist Based Addiction Recovery Rebel, Noah Levine, Shares His Story From Addiction To Freedom

Welcome to the Addiction to Freedom podcast, today’s episode is a very special interview with a radical Buddhist Teacher, Noah Levine. Noah is the author of Refuge Recovery, Heart of the Revolution, Against the Stream, and Dharma Punx and is also an addiction recovery advocate. Noah is not your typical hippie spiritual teacher, he brings in a radical and revolutionary sense in the Buddhist teaching. In this interview, he also shares his own addiction journey and discusses what the solution to addiction and craving looks like.

An Understanding of Freedom - Part 1

In this episode, Michael share some thoughts about the common understanding of Freedom, and how this approach actually prevents Freedom. He ends by suggesting a different approach to experiencing Freedom that overcomes these problems.

Exploring The Healing, Transformative Power Of Loving Anger, With Alejandra Proaño

Welcome to Addiction to Freedom, today’s episode is a very special interview with Alejandra Proaño. Alejandra is a therapist and anger management specialist and is the co-owner of Moose Anger Management. She directs Healing Anger, a program for women that runs online and worldwide. She and her team of counsellors specialise in individual, couple, and group counselling work on anger and addictions. In this interview, we talk about the richness of anger and how important it is to reframe and incorporate it into our personal work. Alejandra also shares some of her profound personal journeys. So go grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy this episode.

What is Addiction?

In this episode, Michael explores his thoughts about a definition of addiction and how this relates to the body-mind, pain, pleasure, and free will, which result in being held in addiction. He also shares some thoughts and perspectives that he is exploring as a way to transform and grow out of this addictive way of operating.

Social Worker of 20 Years, Roeland Jaspers, Shares Insights From His Work In Drug Rehabilitation Programs

In today's episode, I've just had a really interesting conversation with Roland Jasper's, he's a social worker with over 20 years of experience. He developed a particular interest in helping young people and particularly young people recovering from addiction. We talked about what rehabilitation looks like and what experience is it for people

Unpacking How Our Beliefs Limit Our Freedom

In this episode, Michael focuses on our beliefs: How our beliefs are created, what root beliefs are, the connection with fight, flight, & cravings. Most importantly, how our beliefs can serve us or limit our freedom, depending on their truth or falsehood.

Author, Charlotte Dune, Shares Her Journey on How Psychedelics Cured Her of Depression & Addiction

This episode is about Charlotte Dune, Charlotte is an author and an extremely fascinating person. She has an amazing story that totally surprised me. It blew me away that as a very young diplomat she came out of a hippie hillbilly family, which was really a massive contrast. She has a journey that is not the ordinary kind of struggle we face in life. She lived in an environment where she had many challenges to do with her work, relationships, and addiction. She found a solution to her struggles a solution that has been around for thousands of years, she started using plant medicine in a therapeutic way. We also touched on some fundamentally deep and human places of love and peace that we are all looking for. And so I have to say this episode's a real journey.

Addiction: Thoughts on The Root Cause, Ultimate Solution, & Pathway Overview

In this episode, Michael summarizes his understanding up to date on the root cause of all addictions. He shares some personal experiences that lead to his glimpses of the deeper and ultimate solution and tell's his listeners about his goal to be free of all addictions, and where he's at on this pathway.

Addicted at the Age of 8! Alex Shares How His Life Fell Apart, & The Healing Power Of Connection & Being Understood.

In this episode, our guest, Alex who runs the Cold Turkey podcast. We discuss how he accidentally attracted to being high at a very young age.

Our Addiction To The Way We Perceive Ourselves, Space, and The World

In this episode Michael unpacks our default way of perceiving space, ourselves and the world. This is compared to the way we actually experience it in our lived experience. The result of experiencing the truth is a profound peace that is freely available to all right now.

How Feelings and the Observing Mind Are Keys to Freedom From Addiction

In this episode, I am with JF Benoist.We have talked about how our addictions and lack of freedom is really coming from I guess pre-programmed ways of operating, which he calls the monkey mind.

Unpacking Our Addiction To Time & Thinking

In this episode, Michael explores our default way of dealing with time, and how this is created by the mind as part of our addiction to thinking. We become aware of how useful this is, and yet how trapped we become, as well as the suffering it creates. The beauty is, that we can find a path out of this trap, simply by experiencing the truth of our own experiencing.

NY Times Best Selling Author, Professor Susan Shapiro's Freedom From 25 Years Of Addiction

Professor Susan Shapiro was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day at the age of thirteen. Her addictions multiplied over the next 25 years, while she established a successful career as a journalist and university professor. This episode explores Susan's journey out of addiction with the help of long term one on one therapy.

Mossy's Story of Divine Intervention & Freedom From Addiction

Mossy's story takes us on a journey through a challenging childhood, into young adult emptiness and addiction. He describes a divine encounter that ultimately changes the course of his life. Hear the warmth, love and maturity of a man who is continuing his journey on the path of the authentic man.

Karen's Story From Addiction To Deeper Connection With Herself & Others

In this episode our guest, Karen, generously takes us on a journey from her longing for connection. This starts as a young girl and leads into a relationship and early adult life that has many challenges, including addiction. I'll leave for you to discover how this became fertile ground for her own inner growth, which has blossomed into a vocation of assistanting others.

A Young Man's Journey With Addiction & Search For Meaning

In this interview, we meet an intelligent young man who is searching for truth, meaning and purpose. This journey began when his family immigrated to the United States from India when he was a young boy, and continued through addiction, formal education, and now as he steps out into the world.

Finding The Gold In Our Mistakes

In this episode I talk with Cat Bailey, a well known Australian Artist, about approaches to dealing with "mistakes" or so called "failures". So often addiction is judged as a mistake, as if a person just made a wrong choice and could have acted differently. As you will hear, we see this as a narrow and incomplete view, which can be unfairly damaging. We end up opening our our understanding to a much wider context, one that feels more real and compassionate. I hope you find this inspirational.

Ways We Are All Addicted, That We May Not Realise

Here we discuss many possible addictions that we may live with that we may not realise. This opens up the question of how we think about people experiencing addiction, and whether we unfairly judge or categorise this experience, particularly when we start to become aware of our own addictions.

The Biggest False Belief About Addiction

In this episode we explore some of the most common false beliefs that get in the way of dealing with our addictions, and which prevent us from feeling a deep sense of peace.

The #1 Thing Preventing Us From Facing Our Addictions

Here we explore the #1 misconception that prevents us from facing our addictions. However, once we become aware of this, we enter a pathway to freedom from our addictions.

Becoming Aware Of Our Everyday Addictions

We explore the vision for the Addiction To Freedom podcast, that we all have addiction, and becoming aware of our addictions is the first step toward freedom.

The Addiction To Freedom Personal Journey

Deborah discusses with Michael his own very personal journey behind the Addiction to Freedom podcast.


In this episode, Deborah discusses with Michael how he developed his Vision for the Addiction to Freedom.